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Graph Paper Maker

Create your own custom sheets of graph paper!

Click here to buy Graph Paper Maker
Click here to download Graph Paper Maker for Windows
Click here to download Graph Paper Maker for Mac OS X

Graph Paper Maker is software that lets you create your own custom sheets of graph paper. Graph Paper Maker is both powerful and easy to use. The Easy Graph Wizard helps you customize your graph paper layout. You have complete control over the graph characteristics:

  • X and Y axis can independently be set for linear or log scale, and scaling
  • Selection from a dozen standard paper sizes, or custom create your own
  • Graphs saved as pdf files, so you can print them whenever you wish
  • Choose whatever color you want for the lines
  • Specify independent line weights for the X and Y axis lines
  • Specify the range and spacing of axis labels
  • Trigonometric axis
  • Hydraulic scaling (1.85 power)

Sample graph paper: SampleGraphPaper.pdf
Sample log graph paper: SampleLogPaper.pdf
Sample hydraulic graph paper: HydraulicSample.pdf

In addition to standard cartesian graph paper, the following specialized sheets can be designed (click on each type for an example sheet):

Buy Your Copy of Graph Paper Maker Today

Start creating your own custom graph paper in just minutes!

Purchase Option Price Delivery Details

$19.99 Email Registration code sent by email, software download

Register by Check or Money Order

$19.99 Email Registration code sent by email, software download

Register by Check or Money Order

$10.00 Email Registration code sent by email, software download

Graph Paper Maker is only $19.99, which entitles you to all updates and new versions released over the next full year, free of charge, which of course you can continue to use forever.

Free To Try!

Not sure you're ready to buy Graph Paper Maker? You can download a fully featured copy to try out, before you buy it.

Download Options:

GraphPaperMaker 3.0.3 for macOS - Mac OS X 10.10 and later (64 bit app) 31 Mar 2020
Also available in ZIP format.

If macOS complains it cannot open the app, right click the app icon, and select Open.

GraphPaperMaker 3.0.3 for Windows - Windows 8 / 10 /11 (1.3M) 31 Mar 2020

Note to Mac OS X Users: Be sure to drag the program icon out of the mounted disk image folder, say into your Applications folder, before running it!

For Mac OS Classic (Mac OS 9) this is the last version of Graph Paper Maker available:
GraphPaperMaker 1.6.1 for MacOS Classic - Mac OS 8.6 and later (1.4M)

Email your comments and questions to

Last modified March 31, 2020