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USB Icom CI-V Interface

Radio Hobbyist Products

  22m Programmable Beacon Kit
  22m Part 15 Beacon Kit
  CW Keyer For Beacons Kit
  Jellyfish Transformer
  Cyclops Antenna Transformer

General Interest Programs

  Atomic Mac/PC
  Audio Toolbox
  Black Cat Timer
  Diet Sleuth
  Graph Paper Maker
  Health Tracker
  Image Resizer
  Knitting Wizard
  Label Wizard
  Prog Audio Gen
  Sound Byte
  Synth 76477

Amateur Radio Programs
  AirSpyHF+ Server
  Black Cat Absolute ACARS
  Black Cat ACARS
  Black Cat ALE
  Black Cat ALE Vacuum Cleaner
  Black Cat NetFinder
  Black Cat GMDSS
  Black Cat HF Fax
  Black Cat SSTV
  Carrier Sleuth
  Cocoa 1090
  Cocoa RTL Server
  DGPS Decoding
  DX Toolbox
  eQSL Factory
  KiwiSDR Monitor
  KiwiSDR Sound Client
  Morse Mania
  RF Toolbox
  SDRuno Plugin
  SDRuno Equalizer Plugin

iPhone/iPad Apps
  Atoms To Go
  dB Calc
  Clik Trak
  DGPS Decoder
  Drill Calc
  DX Toolbox
  Elmer Extra
  Elmer General
  Elmer Tech
  Feld Hellschreiber
  Field Strength Calc
  Function Generator Pad
  HF Weather Fax
  Morse Mania
  Morse Pad
  Packet Pad
  PSK31 Pad
  SSTV Pad
  Photon Calc
  Rad Map Tracker
  RF Link Calc
  SelCall Tone Gen
  Sound Byte
  Sound Byte Control
  Spectrum Pad
  SWBC Schedules
  Synth 76477
  Synth Motion
  Transmission Line Calc
  Weather Calc
  Wire Calc

iPhone/iPad Bundles
  RF Calculator Apps
  Ham Radio Decoder Apps
  Audio Utility Apps
  Shortwave Weather Apps
  Ham Radio Exam Study Apps
  Shortwave Decoder Apps

Android Apps
  Audio Function Generator
Audio Spectrum Analyzer
DGPS Decoder
  HF Weather Fax
  Rad Map Tracker
  SelCall Tone Gen
  Sound Byte Control
  SWBC Schedules
  Wire Calc

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Update Policy

Registering any program with Black Cat Systems allows you to not only use the version of the program that you've registered, but it also allows you to upgrade to the newest versions of the program for one full year. This means that for the year after registering a program, you may download and use any new versions of the program free of any additional charges.

Once your registration year has ended, you will still be able to use the program you have registered indefinitely. But, you will not be able to download and use new versions of the software without re-registering.

As an example: I download Diet Sleuth and like the program, so on 2/15/2000 I register version 2.2.0 for $25. In a couple of months, I see that there is a new version of Diet Sleuth. So, I download version 2.3.0 of Diet Sleuth and begin to use it with no extra cost to me. Throughout the year, occasionally there are new releases of Diet Sleuth, and I would download them and use them in the same manner. So, say that on 2/15/2001 I am using version 2.5.0 of Diet Sleuth. The program works fine, and I am happy with the program. On 3/1/2001, Black Cat Systems releases version 3.0.0 of Diet Sleuth. Because the registration year has ended, I would not be able to download and use version 3.0.0 free of charge - I would have to register that version of Diet Sleuth in order to use it. But, I would be able to continue using Diet Sleuth version 2.5.0 for as long as I want. If I chose to register version 3.0.0 of Diet Sleuth, I would again receive a full year of upgrades to new versions of Diet Sleuth.

Below are buy it now buttons for all of our programs that have reduced pricing for renewals. Just click on the button and you will be taken to PayPal, where you can pay for your renewal. You must use this page for the special pricing, if you place an order on the regular order page, you will be charged full price.

Usually we can supply your new registration code in about one day, sometimes in just a few hours.

Purchasing renewal/update will allow you to use all versions of the program released within one year of your update purchase date.

Please be sure to download and fully test the new version prior to purchasing an update, as we cannot provide refunds.

Be sure to click Buy Now next to the correct program listed below, not just the first one in the list. So if you want to update Sound Byte, for example, scroll down to the three Sound Byte renewal options:

Amalgamated DGPS Registration Renewal $10

Atomic Mac Registration Renewal $15

Atomic PC Registration Renewal $15

Atomic Penguin Registration Renewal $15

Audiocorder Registration Renewal $10

Audio Toolbox Registration Renewal $10

Black Cat ACARS Registration Renewal $15

Black Cat HF Weather Fax Registration Renewal $12.50

Carrier Sleuth Registration Renewal $10

Black Cat SSTV Registration Renewal $12.50

Diet Sleuth Registration Renewal $15

DX ToolBox Registration Renewal $15

Elmer Registration Renewal $15

Graph Paper Maker Registration Renewal $10

Health Tracker Registration Renewal $10

iUnit Registration Renewal $10

Knitting Wizard Registration Renewal $10

Morse Mania Registration Renewal $10

MultiMode Registration Renewal $35

RF ToolBox Registration Renewal $10

Sound Byte Lite Registration Renewal $19

Sound Byte Registration Renewal $35

Sound Byte Pro Registration Renewal $65

Sound Byte Version Upgrades
Upgrade from Sound Byte Lite to Sound Byte $40

Upgrade from Sound Byte Lite to Sound Byte Pro $110

Upgrade from Sound Byte to Sound Byte Pro $70