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  Atomic Mac/PC
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  AirSpyHF+ Server
  Black Cat Absolute ACARS
  Black Cat ACARS
  Black Cat ALE
  Black Cat ALE Vacuum Cleaner
  Black Cat NetFinder
  Black Cat GMDSS
  Black Cat HF Fax
  Black Cat SSTV
  Carrier Sleuth
  Cocoa 1090
  Cocoa RTL Server
  DGPS Decoding
  DX Toolbox
  eQSL Factory
  KiwiSDR Monitor
  KiwiSDR Sound Client
  Morse Mania
  RF Toolbox
  SDRuno Plugin
  SDRuno Equalizer Plugin

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  Atoms To Go
  dB Calc
  Clik Trak
  DGPS Decoder
  Drill Calc
  DX Toolbox
  Elmer Extra
  Elmer General
  Elmer Tech
  Feld Hellschreiber
  Field Strength Calc
  Function Generator Pad
  HF Weather Fax
  Morse Mania
  Morse Pad
  Packet Pad
  PSK31 Pad
  SSTV Pad
  Photon Calc
  Rad Map Tracker
  RF Link Calc
  SelCall Tone Gen
  Sound Byte
  Sound Byte Control
  Spectrum Pad
  SWBC Schedules
  Synth 76477
  Synth Motion
  Transmission Line Calc
  Weather Calc
  Wire Calc

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  Audio Function Generator
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DGPS Decoder
  HF Weather Fax
  Rad Map Tracker
  SelCall Tone Gen
  Sound Byte Control
  SWBC Schedules
  Wire Calc

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Support / Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Program Specific Questions:
Diet Sleuth


How do I register / pay for a program?
Why should I register / pay for a program?
How can I find out about program updates or new versions?
Can I use new versions of programs released after I register?
How do I download and install a program?
I don't want to download, can I just get a CD-ROM instead?
I've registered a program, but my registration code doesn't seem to work, help!

How do I register / pay for a program?
If you'd like to pay online using your credit card, follow the link on the program's web page. If you'd like to pay using a check or money order, you can use the form that comes with each program, and mail your payment to us. After registering, you'll receive your registration code by email. If registering online, you'll receive your code within a day, usually within a few minutes.

Why should I register / pay for a program?
Most of our programs are distributed as shareware. That means you get to try the program, and then if you like it and want to continue to use it, you can register your copy by paying for it. You'll get a registration code back from us after paying. This will either allow you to continue to use the program after the demo period has expired, or unlock some additional features.

By registering your copy, you allow us to continue to develop and release software titles for the Macintosh. Shareware authors account for the majority of titles available for the Macintosh. Without us, users would have fewer programs to run, or, worse yet, be forced to run Windows systems instead.

How can I find out about program updates or new versions?
Join our Mailing List !

Can I use new versions of programs released after I register?
Yes, after registering, you're entitled to all nw versions and updates released within the next year. Please visit our Update Policy page for complete details.

How do I download and install a program?
Generally, you just click on the download link, and your browser will download the file. After it is done, you'll double click on the downloaded file's icon on your hard drive (located wherever your browser stores downloads). The download will self extract itself into a folder containing the program, documentation, and other files. You can throw away the downloaded file at this point, or store it away somewhere else. Don't double click on it again, or you'll get another copy of our program!

Open up the program's folder by double clicking on it, and you'll see the program Icon (usually in the upper left corner of the folder window), along with the documentation, and other files, including the payment order form. Just double click on the program to start using it, we don't make you run any installler programs! We do suggest reading the documentation first, of course.

I don't want to download, can I just get a CD-ROM instead?
Sure you can. Visit our CD-ROM page for full details on how to get one. It's just $5, and you get a coupon good for $5 off a registration, so it's like getting it for free!

I've registered a program, but my registration code doesn't seem to work, help!
First off, make sure you have the most recent version of the program. Make sure you are entering your name into the program exactly as shown in your registration email. Make sure you double-check your code entry so that it matches the code sent. Often people think they've entered it in correctly and actually have made a slight typo, which will cause the code to not work. Extra spaces in the name or number, leaving out the dashes in the number, or entering in or leaving out punctuation to the name that wasn't there on the registration email will all result in the code not working. Everything must be entered exactly as shown in the registration email. The code contains no letter "O's", so all 0 are zeros. Also, make sure you are not mistaking eights for "B's", as that is one thing many people have trouble with. If you continue to have trouble, please contact


Help! I'm getting a -5699 error

Help! I'm getting a -5699 error
You may want to try rebuilding the desktop on your computer.

You can do this by restarting the computer and holding down Option+Apple when you see the extensions starting to load across the bottom of the screen. Continue holding these down until the computer prompts you asking if you're sure you'd like to rebuild the desktop on your start up drive. Click yes and the error should be gone.


What type of Macintosh does MultiMode require to run?
How do I connect my radio to my Macintosh? Or, I can't seem to get it to work right, what's wrong?
How to I control the PTT line of my radio?
Help! My iBook or other new Mac doesn't have sound input How can I run MultiMode?

What type of Macintosh does MultiMode require to run?
MultiMode requires a reasonably fast PowerPC Macintosh. This means that it will not run on older, 68k based Macs, such as the Quadra or LC series. It also will not run in all modes on some of the older PowerPC systems, either. It runs perfectly fine on recent Macintosh systems, such as the G3/G4, iMac, iBook, and Cube, as well as recent Powerbook systems.

Please don't ask us "Will MultiMode run on my...", as there are too many different Mac models to keep track of. The best way to find out if it will work on your system is to download a copy and find out!

Also, no 68k version of MultiMode is available.

How do I connect my radio to my Macintosh?
It's best to treat this as three separate steps:

  • Connecting the radio's audio output to the Mac's microphone/sound input
  • Connecting the Mac's speaker output to the radio's microphone input
  • Controlling the PTT line - this is covered here.
The easiest way to connect the radio's audio output to the Mac is to get a patch cable from Radio Shack or similar, with the correct plugs on each end. You want a standard 1/8" plug on the Mac end. Plug the one end into the Mac's microphone jack, the other into the radio's headphone jack. I find that if you don't plug it all the way into the headphone jack, you can still hear audio through the radio's internal speaker, which helps.

Start with the volume down low. Turn on the radio, and tune in a station. A SW broadcast or AM station would be best at this point. The goal is to adjust the volume on the radio so the volume indicator bar (green bar in the upper right part of the MultiMode window) is about half way up or so. This verifies that we're getting audio into the Mac. If not, check the Sound control panel, many Macs have lots of sources for sound input, such as the CDROM drive or modem. You want to make sure the external microphone (or wherever you have it plugged in) is selected.

Now you can tune in a CW or other station, and try decoding. I would suggest getting the feel for things with CW or FAX stations first, as they are the easiest to tune it. FAX is probably the easiest, in fact. Take the time to learn how to tune in each mode. It will probably take several sessions to get the feel for how to use MultiMode.

If you want to transmit, you'll also need to get the audio from your Mac into your rig. The RIG Blaster is a good solution, contact West Mountain Radio for full details. Alternately, you can just use a patch cable, as above. But you'll probably have to solder the microphone plug on, yourself.

Personally, I use a cheap Radio Shack stereo mixer. I feed all my radios into it, along with my Mac. That lets me decode from any radio, and transmit with any radio, as well. I made up home made patch cables with small audio isolation transformers, to cut down on hum caused by ground loops, and it works very well.

How to I control the PTT line of my radio?
Probably the easiest way is to use the RIG Blaster by West Mountain Radio. MultiMode drives the DTR handshake line on the Mac's serial port, and the RIGBlaster uses this signal to control the PTT line of the radio. If you have a Mac without a serial port, you can use a USB to serial adapter, we've had good luck with the Keyspan USA-28X.

Please contact West Mountain Radio and Keyspan directly with all questions about their products.

You can also rig up your own interface to use the DTR serial line to control a PTT line through a relay or transistor. The MultiMode documentation briefly describes this. We do not go into detail, because the requirements vary for each type of radio, and it is up to the individual to verify how this should be accomplished for their particular situation.

Help! My iBook or other new Mac doesn't have sound input How can I run MultiMode?
This is the trend with new Macintosh models. Eventually, no Macintosh systems will have sound input. But don't worry, there is a solution. Just get a USB microphone or sound input device. We have details available at our USB Microphone page. We've sucessfully run MultiMode on an iBook, and you can, too!

Diet Sleuth

How do I edit or delete a Custom food or a Recipe?

How do I edit or delete a Custom food or a Recipe?
You can't delete Custom foods or Recipes, but you can edit them. In order to do this, just hold down the control button on your keyboard while clicking on the item to be edited in the Custom foods list. The edit screen will then appear for that particular food or recipe.