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Sound Byte is available for Windows as well as macOS. Please scroll down to find the appropriate version for your operating system.

Go ahead and download a copy of Sound Byte, and give it a try. There's only one download file for each platform, your registration code determines which version you can run. Until you register, Sound Byte works as the Lite version.

If you're already a Sound Byte user, you can upgrade to the latest version by downloading and installing it. Your registration code will work with all versions released within one year of your purchase date. After that, you can upgrade for a discounted price.

Sound Byte for macOS 10.13 and later, 64 bit, all recent macOS versions

Download Sound Byte for macOS. Version 5.1.0 Archived zip download. October 13, 2021

Please note that version 5 of Sound Byte does not have some features from previous versions, including selecting the output channel mapping, or graphical selection of cut in/out times. Please be sure to download and evaluate it before purchasing. You may need to give Sound Byte full disk access, this can be done via the Privacy tab in the macOS System Preferences.

There is a default limit in macOS limit of 256 open files. This can cause problems for Sound Byte, including crashes, if multiple racks are opened.

As a fix, you can increase the number of open files on your system by opening a terminal window and entering the following:

sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 65536 200000

You will be prompted for your account password. Your account will need to be an administrator. This changes the maximum number of open files soft limit to 65536, and the hard limit to 200000. Please be sure to use these numbers.

This change is not permanent, it will need to be re-done each time you restart your Mac. You can close the terminal window after doing this.

Beta version:
Download Sound Byte for macOS. Version 5.2.0b1 Archived zip download. February 14, 2024

Sound Byte for macOS 10.10 through 10.14 Mojave

There are two download options for Mac OS X, both result in the same version of Sound Byte, we offer these options in case you have difficulties with one of the downloads:

Download Sound Byte for Mac OSX. Version 4.7.6 ZIP Format Intel Only

Download Sound Byte for Mac OSX. Version 4.7.6 DMG format Intel Only

If macOS complains it cannot open Sound Byte, you can run it by right clicking on the program icon and selecting Open. You may need to give Sound Byte full disk access, this can be done via the Privacy tab in the macOS System Preferences.

Sound Byte for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Download Sound Byte for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Version 4.7.6 Setup Program

Note: If you get a message saying that "Windows Protected your PC" blocking the Sound Byte installer from running, click on More Info, and then click the Run Anyway button. Then click on Yes to run from an unsigned publisher.

Windows should have QuickTime installed to utilize all of the features of Sound Byte. This does not affect Mac OS X users, as QuickTime is always available. Sound Byte will check for QuickTime, and report if it cannot be found. If you need to install QuickTime, go to this page to download the QuickTime 7.6 installer:

Sound Byte will run without QuickTime on Windows, but you need to change the setting in the Sound Byte Preferences, telling the app to not use QuickTime. Note that not all features will be available without QuickTime.

Please do not install a later version of QuickTime, as it may not correctly function on Windows 8 or 10. Do not install or update QuickTime if it is already present on your PC and Sound Byte is correctly working.

If you are updating an existing copy of Sound Byte, be sure to quit it before running the Installer.

If you do not want to use the installer, you can also download the
ZIP archive version. Version 4.7.6 ZIP format for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Sound Byte for Windows beta version: 4.7.7b10 - Zip archive

If you downlaod and run a new version, and receive a message that your registration code has expired, that is because your year of free updates has ended. You can renew for another year of updates for a discounted price by visiting this page:

Please note that page must be used to obtain the discounted renewal pricing. You can of course continue to use your previous version of Sound Byte as long as you wish, if you chose to not renew.

To prevent data loss, you should create backups of any existing rack files.

Rack files are stored in a directory named "SoundByteRacks" which is in the documents directory for your user account. Make copies of these files and keep them in a safe place. Should the rack files become damaged, you can replace them from the backups. Only do this while Sound Byte is not running).

Older Unsupported Versions

These versions are prodvided for users with older systems. Note that no updates or bug fixes will ever be provided for these versions, use them at your own risk.

If you have an older PPC Mac system running Mac OS X, download this copy of Sound Byte:
Download Sound Byte for Mac OS X (PPC). Version 4.1.2

If you have an older Mac system running MacOS 9, download this copy of Sound Byte:
Download Sound Byte for MacOS 9. Version 2.7.1 (600k)
Zipped download of version 2.7.1.

If you have an older Mac system running MacOS 8, download this copy of Sound Byte, which works on both PPC and 68k Macintosh Computers.

Sound Byte. Version 1.8.4 (485k)