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Now for iPhone / iPod also!

iUnit is a unit conversion program for the Macintosh and Windows. You can convert between 1545 different units quickly and easily. iUnit also displays the values of 91 physical constants.

We're so sure that you've find iUnit useful that we're offering you a risk-free deal. You can go ahead and download a copy of iUnit for absolutely free. Give it a try, and see how powerful and easy it is to use. Once you've decided that you find it useful, go ahead and register your copy for just $19.99. If for some reason you decide iUnit isn't for you, just throw away your copy. That's it!

iUnit converts between the following types of units:

Corrosion Rate
Currency - European Union
Electrical Conductance
Electrical Charge
Enthalpy - mol basis
Enthalpy - mass basis
Enthalpy - volume basis
Heat Capacity
Heat Flux
Heat Rate
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Industrial Weight Per Area Units
Luminous Luminence
Luminous Intensity
Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux Density
Magnetic Field Strength
Mass Flow Rate
Oil/water viscosity
Radiation Activity
Sheet metal gauges
Surface Tension
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal expansion - linear
Thermal expansion - volume
Type (printer's)
Volume Flow Rate
Viscosity (Kinematic)
Viscosity (Dynamic)
Wire gauges

iUnit displays the values of the following types of constants:

  • Mathematical
  • Physical
  • Planets
  • Metric Prefixes
  • Amino Acids

The latest version of iUnit (4.0.0) 64 bit application

Since currency exchange rates vary daily, you can download a new currencies.txt file as often as necessary. Just replace the old file with the new one and launch iUnit. iUnit will now download this file for you, if you want.

The URL to download a copy is

In addition, there is the Basis Weight calculator, which converts between basis weight and thickness, taking into account the density of the material, the density can also be calculated from the other two. Just enter in any two of the three values, making sure to leave the other field blank. Select the correct measurement units, and click on the Calculate button.

The cost of buying iUnit is only $19.99!
Buy your copy online, and get your registration code in minutes!

You may also wish to take a look at The Atomic Mac - A periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.
Save $5 by registering iUnit in conjuction with Atomic Mac for only $39.99!

Email your comments and questions to

Last modified December 2, 2014