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Shortwave Broadcast Schedules

iPhone iPad App to Display Shortwave Radio SWBC Schedules


    Shortwave Broadcast Schedules displays the transmission schedules of shortwave radio stations from all around the world. You need a shortwave radio to receive them.

    The stations are initially listed in order by frequency. You can tap a button to see which stations are on the air right now, as well as go back to displaying all station schedules.

    Stations currently on the air are displayed in bold, making it quick and easy to see which stations are on right now. When you have selected On Now, the list will update every minute.

    Tap on a station to bring up more information about the station, such as the country of origin, target area, and programming language. Tapping on "Schedule for this station", as well as the frequency, country, target, or language will perform a search on that value, making it easy to find all the schedules for this station, as well as all the transmissions from any station on this frequency, from this country, to this target, or in this language.

    Tap on Station, Time, or Freq to search by station name, time of day, or frequency.

    Tap on Select to select only stations broadcasting from a selected country, to a selected target area of the world, in a selected language, or Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) transmissions. By default, all of the transmission in the schedule file are displayed or used in searches. It is entirely likely that there are many transmissions that you are not interested in. Tap "Restrict entries", and you can specify what types of transmissions you are interested in.

    First, you can restrict the countries, targets, and languages you are interested in. For example, to control which countries are displayed, tap on "Restrict countries". You are shown a list of all of the countries, as well as an option called Other at the top. Each has a checkmark next to it, showing that transmissions from the country will be displayed. You can uncheck countries you are not interested in.

    The Mark All and Clear All buttons make it easy to check or uncheck all the entries. For example, if you only want results from Canada, you could tap Clear all to remove all the checks, then go down and check just Canada.

    "Other" is used as a catch all for any transmissions that either do not have a country indicated, or show a country not on this list.

    Likewise, you can restrict display to only certain targets or languages.

    If you are only interested in certain bands for frequency ranges, you can use the minimum and maximum frequency values to control the displayed results. Values must be in kHz. You can also use the switch to specify that only digital (DRM) transmissions should be shown.

    Be sure not to make the settings overly restrictive, or you may end up with no displayed entries. You will get a message to the effect, if that happens.

    You can keep track of favorite stations. It's easy, here's how:
    - Select a station.
    - Tap Add To Favorites at the bottom of the details for the station.
    - To see the list of your favorites, tap Select then Favorites.
    - Note that when the schedule database file is updated, you may lose favorites for transmissions that no longer exist, or have changed time/frequency.

    You can set up reminders for a station. A reminder will alert you when a scheduled transmission comes on the air. Here's how they work:
    - Bring up the station details, and turn on the reminders switch at the bottom.
    - You can see a list of stations with reminders by tapping Select then Reminders.
    - When a reminded station comes on the air, you will get a notification if SWBC Sked is not running, you can tap on it to see the reminder(s) for that UTC time. If you miss the notification, you can tap on Select then Reminders to see all of your reminders, the stations currently on the air will be in bold. If SWBC Sked is running, you will be shown the list of reminders.
    - Reminders repeat every day.
    - You can use the Enable / Disable button in the Reminders list to turn them on and off.
    - You can go to Setup (see below) and specify the number of minutes before the start of a transmission the reminder is issued. This is handy if you want a few minutes head start to get your radio turned on and tuned in.
    - Note that when the schedule database file is updated, you may lose reminders for transmissions that no longer exist, or have changed time/frequency.

    Tapping on the FAQ button brings up this document. From here, you can tap the Update button, and the app will check to see if there is a more recent version of the schedule. If so, it will be downloaded and installed. You need an internet connection for this to work, of course. Note that if you have "Check for new schedule on launch" enabled under Select, the update button will not appear.

    From here you can also tap Setup to bring up these options:

    You can enable the option to check for a new and updated schedule each time you launch the app.

    You can set the number of minutes before a remind for the notification to alert you. This can give you extra time to turn on the radio, tune in the station, etc.

    You can force the latest version of the schedule file to be re-downloaded. This could be useful if your version becomes corrupted.

    You can use the feedback button to send us an email if you have a question, suggestion, or bug report. And if you love the app, please considering using the Rate button to give us a review on the App Store. We'd greatly appreciate it!

    Language Abbreviations:

       -TS   Time Signal Station                                   [Zeitzeichensender]
       A     Arabic (300m)                                                  [Arabisch]
       AB    Abkhaz: Georgia-Abkhazia (0.1m)                              [Abchasisch]
       AC    Aceh: Indonesia-Sumatera (3m)
       ACH   Achang / Ngac'ang: Myanmar, South China (30,000)
       AD    Adygea / Adyghe / Circassic: Russia-Caucasus (0.5m)
       ADI   Adi: India-Assam (0.4m)
       AF    Afrikaans: South Africa, Namibia (6.4m)
       AFA   Afar: Djibouti (0.3m), Ethiopia (0.45m), Eritrea (0.3m)
       AFG   Pashto and Dari (main Afghan languages)
       AH    Amharic: Ethiopia (20m)                                       [Amharisch]
       AJ    Adja / Aja-Gbe: Benin, Togo (0.5m)
       AK    Akha: Burma (0.2m), China-Yunnan (0.13m)
       AL    Albanian: Albania (Tosk)(3m), Macedonia/Yugoslavia (Gheg)(2m) [Albanisch]
       ALG   Algerian (Arabic): Algeria (35m)
       AM    Amoy: S China (25m), Taiwan (15m), SoEaAsia (5m); very close to TW-Taiwanese
       AMD   Tibetan Amdo (Tibet: 0.8m)
       Ang   Angelus programme of Vaticane Radio
       AR    Armenian: Armenia (3m), USA (1m), RUS,GEO,SYR,LBN,IRN,EGY     [Armenisch]
             AR-W: Western, AR-E: Eastern
       ARO   Aromanian: Greece, Albania, Macedonia (0.1m)
       ARU   Languages of Arunachal (India)
       ASS   Assamese: Assam/India (14m)
       ASY   Assyrian: Middle East (0.1m)                                  [Assyrisch]
       ATS   Atsi / Zaiwa: Myanmar (13,000), China (70,000)
       Aud   Papal Audience (Vaticane Radio)                     [Audienz des Papstes]
       AV    Avar: Dagestan, S Russia (0.6m)                                [Awarisch]
       AW    Awadhi: N&Ce India (20m)
       AY    Aymara: Bolivia (2m)
       AZ    Azeri: Azerbaijan (7m)                                [Aserbaidschanisch]
       B     Brazilian (Portuguese dialect)                     [Brasil.Portugiesisch]
       BAD   Badaga: India-Tamil Nadu (0.17m)
       BAG   Bagri: India (1.7m), Pakistan (0.2m)
       BAJ   Bajau: Malaysia-Sabah (50,000)
       BAL   Balinese: Bali / Indonesia (4m)                             [Balinesisch]
       BAN   Banjar/Banjarese: Indonesia/Borneo (3m)
       BAO   Baoule: Cote d'Ivoire (2m)
       BAR   Bari: S Sudan (0.3m)
       BAS   Bashkir:  Ce Russia (1m)                                   [Baschkirisch]
       BAY   Bayash/Boyash Romani: Serbia, Croatia (10,000)
       BB    Braj Bhasa/Braj Bhasha/Brij: India (40,000)
       BC    Baluchi: Pakistan (1m), Iran (0.5m), Afghanistan (0.2m)
       BE    Bengali/Bangla: Bangladesh (100m), India (68m)
       BED   Bedawi / Beja: Sudan (1m)
       BEM   Bemba: Zambia (4m)
       BGL   Bagheli: N India (400,000)
       BH    Bhili: Ce India (1.6m)
       BHN   Bahnar: Vietnam (170,000)
       BHT   Bhatri: India-Chhattisgarh,Maharashtra (0.6m)
       BI    Bile: Eritrea-Keren (70,000)
       BID   Bidayuh languages: Malaysia-Sarawak (150,000)
       BIS   Bisaya: Malaysia-Sarawak,Sabah (20,000), Brunei (40,000)
       BJ    Bhojpuri/Bihari: India (23m), Nepal (1.4m)
       BK    Balkarian: Russia-Caucasus (0.4m)
       BLK   Balkan Romani: Bulgaria (0.4m), Serbia (0.1m), Macedonia (0.1m)
       BLT   Balti: Pakistan (0.3m)
       BM    Bambara: Mali (2.7m)
       BNA   Borana Oromo: Ethiopia (4m)
       BNG   Bangala / Mbangala: Central Angola (22,000)
       BNJ   Banjari / Banjara / Gormati / Lambadi: India-Maharashtra,Karnataka,Andhra Pr.(2m)
       BNT   Bantawa: Nepal (400,000)
       BON   Bondo: India-Orissa (9000)
       BOR   Boro / Bodo: India-Assam,W Bengal (0.5m)
       BOS   Bosnian (derived from Serbocroat): Bosnia-Hercegovina (4m)     [Bosnisch]
       BR    Burmese / Barma / Myanmar: Myanmar (40m)                     [Birmanisch]
       BRA   Brahui: Pakistan (1.5m), Afghanistan (0.2m)
       BRB   Bariba / Baatonum: Benin, Nigeria (560,000)
       BRU   Bru: Laos (70,000), Vietnam (55,000)
       BSL   Bislama: Vanuatu (0.2m)
       BT    Black Tai / Tai Dam: Vietnam (0.5m)
       BTK   Batak-Toba: Indonesia-Sumatra (2m)
       BU    Bulgarian: Bulgaria (8m), Moldova (0.36m), Ukraine (0.2m)    [Bulgarisch]
       BUG   Bugis / Buginese: Indonesia-Celebes (4m)
       BUK   Bukharian/Bukhori (Jewish dialect of Farsi): Israel (50,000), Uzbekistan (10,000)
       BUN   Bundeli / Bundelkhandi: India-Uttar,Madhya Pr. (1m)
       BUR   Buryat: South Siberia, similar to Mongolian (0.4m)           [Burjatisch]
       BY    Byelorussian / Belarusian: Belarus, Poland, Ukraine (9m)  [Weissrussisch]
       C     Chinese (not further specified)                              [Chinesisch]
       CA    Cantonese / Yue  (South China 50m, others 15m)             [Kantonesisch]
       CC    Chaochow (South China, close to TW-Taiwanese, AM-Amoy, SWT-Swatow)
       CD    Chowdary/Chaudhry/Chodri: India-Gujarat (0.3m)
       CEB   Cebuano: Philippines (20m)
       CH    Chin (not further specified): Myanmar
       C-A   Chin-Asho: Myanmar-Arakan Hills (10,000)
       C-D   Chin-Daai: Myanmar (30,000)
             Chinyanja: See NY-Nyanja
       C-F   Chin-Falam / Halam: Myanmar, Bangladesh, India (125,000)
       CHA   Cha'palaa (Ecuador)
       CHE   Chechen: Russia-Chechnya (1.5m)                      [Tschetschenisch]
       CHG   Chattisgarhi: India-Mad.Pr.,Orissa,Bihar (11m)
       CHI   Chitrali / Khowar: NW Pakistan (0.4m)
       C-K   Chin-Khumi: Myanmar (77,000)
       C-M   Chin-Mro: Myanmar (130,000)
       C-O   Chin-Thado / Thadou-Kuki: India-Assam, Manipur (0.15m)
       CHR   Chrau: Vietnam (20,000)
       CHU   Chuwabu: Mozambique (1m)
       C-T   Chin-Tidim: Myanmar (0.2m), India (0.15m)
       C-Z   Chin-Zomin / Zomi-Chin: Myanmar (30,000), India-Manipur (20,000)
       CKM   Chakma (India)
       CKW   Chokwe: Angola (0.5m), DR Congo (0.5m)
       COF   Cofan (Ecuador)
       COK   Cook Islands Maori
       CR    Creole  (Caribbean)                                           [Kreolisch]
       CRU   Chru: Vietnam (15,000)
       CT    Catalan: Spain, Andorra (31000)                             [Katalanisch]
       CV    Chuvash (Chuvashia/Russia)                               [Tschuwaschisch]
       CW    Chewa /Chichewa (Malawi)
       CZ    Czech                                                       [Tschechisch]
       D     German                                                          [Deutsch]
       D-P   Lower German (Northern Germany, USA)                       [Plattdeutsch]
       DA    Danish                                                         [Daenisch]
       DAO   Dao: Vietnam (0.5m)
       DD    Dhodiya / Dhodia: India-Gujarat (150,000)
       DEG   Degar / Montagnard (Vietnam)
       DEN   Dendi (Benin, Nigeria: 32,000)
       DEO   Deori (India - Assam: 27,000)
       DES   Desiya / Deshiya / Adivasi Oriya (India - Andhra Pr.: 150,000)
       DH    Dhivehi (Maldives)
       DI    Dinka (Sudan)
       DIA   Dial Arabic (North Africa)
       DIM   Dimasa/Dhimasa (India-Assam: 0.1m)
       DIT   Ditamari (Benin, Togo: 50,000) 
       DN    Damara-Nama service in Namibia (Languages: Damara, Nama)
       DO    Dogri-Kangri: N India (2m)
       DR    Dari / Eastern Farsi: Afghanistan (6m), Pakistan (1m)
       DU    Dusun (Malaysia-Sabah)
       DUN   Dungan (Central Asia)
       DY    Dyula (Burkina, Ivory Coast, Mali)
       DZ    Dzonkha: Bhutan (0.4m)
       E     English
       EC    Eastern Cham: Vietnam (70,000)
       EDI   English, German, Italian
       E-C   Col.English (S Sudan)
       EGY   Egyptian Arabic
       E-L   English Learning Programme (BBC)                    [Englisch-Sprachkurs]
       EO    Esperanto
       ES    Estonian                                                       [Estnisch]
       Ewe   Ewe (Ghana)
       F     French                                                     [Franzoesisch]
       FA    Faroese                                                     [Faeringisch]
       FI    Finnish                                                        [Finnisch]
       FJ    Fijian
       FON   Fon / Fongbe (Benin, Togo: 1.7m)
       FP    Filipino
       FS    Farsi / Persian                                                [Persisch]
       FT    Fiote (Angola-Cabinda)
       FU    Fulani/Fulfulde (0.25m BFA, 0.3m BEN, 5m CME)
       FUJ   FutaJalon (West Africa)
             Fujian: see TW-Taiwanese
       FUR   Fur (0.5m Sudan, Darfur)
       GA    Garhwali: India-Kashmir,Uttar Pr. (2m)
       GAR   Garo (India, Bangladesh: 700,000)
       GD    Greenlandic                                              [Groenlaendisch]
       GE    Georgian                                                      [Georgisch]
       GJ    Gujari/Gojri (India/Pakistan)
       GL    Galicic/Gallego (Spain)                                      [Gallizisch]
       GM    Gamit: India-Gujarat (0.2m)
       GNG   Gurung: Nepal (0.2m)
       GO    Gorontalo (Indonesia)
       GON   Gondi (India-Madhya Pr.,Maharashtra: 3m)
       GR    Greek                                                        [Griechisch]
       GU    Gujarati: India (43m)
       GUA   Guaran’ (Paraguay)
       GUR   Gurage/Guragena: Ethiopia (1m)
       GZ    Ge'ez / Geez (liturgic language of Ethiopia)
       HA    Haussa  (Nigeria)
       HAD   Hadiya (Ethiopia)
       HAR   Haryanvi /  Bangri / Harayanvi / Hariyanvi (India: 13m)
       HB    Hebrew  (Israel)                                             [Hebraeisch]
       HD    Hindko (Pakistan)
       HI    Hindi: India (180m)
       HK    Hakka (South China 26m, TWN 2m, others 6m)
             Hokkien: see TW-Taiwanese
       HM    Hmong (Vietnam)
       HMA   Hmar (India - Assam,Manipur,Mizoram 50,000)
       HMB   Hmong-Blue/Njua (Laos/Thailand)
       HMQ   Hmong, Northern Qiandong / Black Hmong (China: 900,000)
       HMW   Hmong-White/Daw (Laos/Thailand)
       HN    Hani (S China)
       HO    Ho (India)
       HR    Croatian (Hrvatski)                                           [Kroatisch]
       HRE   Hre: Vietnam (0.1m)
       HU    Hungarian                                                     [Ungarisch]
       HUA   Huarani (Ecuador)
       HUI   Hui / Huizhou: China - Anhui (3m)
       HZ    Hazaragi: Afghanistan (1.4m), Iran (0.3m)
       I     Italian                                                     [Italienisch]
       IB    Iban (Malaysia - Sarawak)
       Ibo   Ibo (Africa)
       IF    IfŹ / Ife (Benin, Togo: 155,000)
       IG    Igbo (Nigeria)
       ILC   Ilocano (Philippines)
       ILG   Ilonggo (Philippines)
       IN    Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia: Indonesia (140m)             [Indonesisch]
       INU   Inuktikut (Inuit language, Canada/Greenland)
       IRQ   Iraqi
       IS    Icelandic                                                   [Islaendisch]
       J     Japanese                                                      [Japanisch]
       JEH   Jeh: Vietnam (15,000), Laos (8,000)
       JG    Jingpho: see KC-Kachin
       JL    Joula/Jula (West Africa)
       JOR   Jordanian (Arabic)
       JR    Jarai / Giarai / Jra: Vietnam (0.3m)
       JU    Juba (Arabic; Chad, Sudan)
       JV    Javanese: Indonesia-Java,Bali (84m)
       K     Korean                                                       [Koreanisch]
       KA    Karen (unspecified): Myanmar (3m)
       K-G   Karen-Geba: Myanmar (10,000)
       K-K   Karen-Geko / Gekho: Myanmar (10,000)
       K-P   Karen-Pao: Myanmar (0.5m)
       K-S   Karen-Sgaw: Myanmar (1.5m)
       K-W   Karen-Pwo: Myanmar (1m)
       KAD   Kadazan (Malaysia - Sabah)
       KAL   Kalderash Romani (Gypsy) (Romania)                         [Roma-Sprache]
       KAB   Kabardino (Caucasus)
       KAM   Kambaata (Ethiopia)
       KAN   Kannada (South India)
       KAO   Kaonde (Zambia)
       KAR   Karelian (Russia, close to Finnish border).                   [Karelisch]
             Programme includes Finnish and Vespian parts.
       KAT   Katu: Vietnam (50,000)
       KAU   Kaubru (India)
       KAY   Kayan: Myanmar (40,000)
       KB    Kabyle: Algeria (2.5m)                                 [Kabylisch/Berber]
       KBO   Kok Borok/Tripuri: India (0.7m)
       KC    Kachin / Jingpho: Myanmar (1m)
       KG    Kyrgyz /Kirghiz: Kyrgystan (2.5m), China (0.1m)              [Kirgisisch]
       KH    Khmer: Cambodia (6m), Vietnam (0.7m)                    [Kambodschanisch]
       KHA   Kham / Khams, Eastern (NE Tibet: 1.5m)
       KHM   Khmu (Laos 400,000, Vietnam 40,000)
       KHR   Kharia / Khariya (India, Nepal: 300,000)
       KHS   Khasi / Kahasi (India, Bangladesh: 0.9m)
       KHT   Khota (India)
       KIM   Kimwani (East Africa)
       KIN   Kinnauri / Kinori (India - Himachal Pr.: 50,000)
       KiR   KiRundi: Burundi (0.45m)
       KK    KiKongo/Kongo: DR Congo, Angola (3.5m)
       KKN   Kukna (India - Gujarat: 0.6m)
       KMB   Kimbundu/Mbundu/Luanda: Angola (3m)
       KMY   Kumyk (Dagestan / Russia)
       KND   Khandesi (India - Maharashtra: 1.5m)
       KNK   KinyaRwanda-KiRundi service of the Voice of America / BBC
       KNU   Kanuri: Nigeria (3m), Chad (0.1m), Niger,Cameroon (0.1m)
       KNY   Konyak Naga (India - Assam, Nagaland: 0.1m)
       KO    Kosovar Albanian (Kosovo/Serbia)
       KOH   Koho/Kohor: Vietnam (0.1m)
       KOK   Kokang Shan: Myanmar
       KOM   Komering (Indonesia)
       KON   Konkani (India)
       KOY   Koya (India-Andhra Pr.: 300,000)
       KPK   Karakalpak (W Uzbekistan)
       KRB   Karbi / Mikir / Manchati (NE India: 0.5m)
       KRI   Krio (Sierra Leone)
       KRW   KinyaRwanda (Rwanda)
       KS    Kashmiri: India (4m), Pakistan (0.1m)
       KT    Kituba (simplified Kikongo): Rep. Congo (1m), DR Congo (4m)
       KTW   Kotwali (India)
       KU    Kurdish
       KuA   Kurdish and Arabic
       KuF   Kurdish and Farsi
       KUI   Kui (India)
       KUK   Kukana (India)
       KUL   Kulina (Brazil)
       KUM   Kumaoni/Kumauni (India)
       KUN   Kunama: Eritrea (0.14m)
       KUP   Kupia / Kupiya (India - Andhra Pr.: 4,000)
       KUR   Kurukh: India (2m)
       KUs   Sorrani Kurdish
       KUT   Kutchi (India 800,000)
       KVI   Kulluvi (India)
       KWA   Kwanyama/Kuanyama (Ce Angola)
       KYH   Kayah: Myanmar (0.1m)
       KYK   Kayan/Kenyah (Malaysia-Sarawak)
       KZ    Kazakh: Kazakhstan (7m), China (1m), Mongolia (0.1m)         [Kasachisch]
       L     Latin                                                        [Lateinisch]
       LA    Ladino (Hispanic Jewish lang.)
       LAD   Ladakhi / Ladak (India - Jammu+Kashmir: 0.1m)
       LAH   Lahu: China (0.4m), Myanmar (150,000)
       LAK   Lak (Dagestan / Russia)
       LAM   Lampung (Indonesia)
       LAO   Lao                                                            [Laotisch]
       LaS   Ladino and Spanish
       LB    Lun Bawang / Murut (Malaysia-Sarawak)
       LBN   Lebanon Arabic
       LBO   Limboo /Limbu (NE India)
       LEP   Lepcha (NE India)
       LEZ   Lezgi (Dagestan / Russia: 0.4m)
       LHO   Lhotshampa (Bhutan)
       LIM   Limba (Sierra Leone)
       LIN   Lingala (Congo)
       LIS   Lisu: China-West Yunnan (0.6m), Burma (0.1m)
       LND   Lunda Ndembo (Angola)
       LNG   Lungeli-Magar (India)
       LO    Lomwe (Mocambique)
       LOK   Lokpa / Lukpa (Benin, Togo: 65,000)
       LOZ   Lozi / Silozi (Zambia 500,000, ZWE+BOT 100,000)
       LT    Lithuanian                                                    [Litauisch]
       LTO   Oriental Liturgy of Vaticane Radio                      [Oestl.Lithurgie]
       LU    Lunda (Angola)
       LUB   Luba: DR Congo (6m)
       LUC   Luchazi: Angola (0.24m), Zambia (0.05m)
       LUG   Luganda: Uganda (5m)
       LUN   Lunyaneka/Nyaneka: Angola (0.4m)
       LUR   Luri (Iran)
       LUV   Luvale (Angola)
       LV    Latvian                                                        [Lettisch]
       M     Mandarin (Standard Chinese / Beijing dialect)
       MA    Maltese                                                      [Maltesisch]
       MAD   Madurese/Madura: Indonesia-Java,Bali (14m)
       MAG   Maghi/Magahi/Maghai (India)
       MAI   Maithili / Maithali (India: 22m, Nepal: 2m)
       MAK   Makonde (Tanzania/Mocambique)
       MAL   Malayalam (South India)
       MAM   Mamay / Rahanwein (Somalia)
       MAN   Manchu  (Vietnam)
       MAO   Maori  (New Zealand)
       MAR   Marathi (India)
       MAS   Masaai/Massai/Masai (E Africa)
       MC    Macedonian (2m)                                             [Makedonisch]
       MCH   Mavchi/Mouchi/Mauchi/Mawchi (India-Gujarat,Maharashtra: 72,000)
       MEI   Meithei/Manipuri/Meitei: India (1.3m)
       MEN   Mende: Sierra Leone (1.5m)
       MEW   Mewari/Mewadi (Rajasthani): India-Rajasthan (5m)
       MGA   Magar: Nepal (0.8m)
       MIE   Mien / Iu Mien: S China (0.5m), Vietnam (0.3m)
       MIS   Mising (dialect of ADI): India-Assam (25,000)
       MKB   Minangkabau: Indonesia-West Sumatra (6.5m)
       MKS   Makassar/Makasar: Indonesia-South Sulawesi (2m)
       MKU   Makua / Makhuwa: N Mocambique (2.5m)
       ML    Malay / Baku: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (18m)               [Malaiisch]
       MLK   Malinke/Maninka: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone (2m)
       MLT   Malto / Kumarbhag Paharia: India- Orissa, West Bengal (20,000)
       MNE   Montenegrin: Montenegro (mutually intelligible with SR,HR,BOS)
       MNO   Mnong: Vietnam (0.1m)
       MO    Mongolian / Halh: Mongolia (2m)                              [Mongolisch]
       MOc   Chinese / Peripheral Mongolian (N China: 3m)  
       MON   Mon: Myanmar (1m)
       MOO   Moore: Burkina Faso (4.5m)
       MOR   Moro/Moru/Muro: Southern Sudan (0.1m)
       MR    Maronite / Cypriot Arabic: Cyprus (1300)
       MRC   Moroccan/Mugrabian (Arabic): Morocco (20m)
       MRI   Mari: Russia-Mari (0.6m)
       MRU   Maru / Lhao Vo: Burma (0.1m)
       MSY   Malagasy: Madagaskar (20m)                                 [Madegassisch]
       MUN   Mundari: India (1.5m)
       MUO   Muong: Vietnam (1m)
       MUR   Murut: Malaysia-Borneo (11,000)
       MW    Marwari (Rajasthani): India (13m)
       MY    Maya (Yucatec): Mexico (0.8m)
       MZ    Mizo / Lushai: India-Mizoram (0.7m)
       NAG   Naga / Ao /Makware: India - Nagaland, Assam (140,000)
       NDA   Ndau: Mocambique (0.6m)
       NDE   Ndebele: Zimbabwe (1.5m), South Africa-Transvaal (0.6m)
       NE    Nepali: Nepal (10m), India (6m)                             [Nepalesisch]
       NET   Netekani (India)
       NG    Nagpuri / Sadani / Sadari / Sadri (NE India: 2m)
       NGA   Ngangela/Nyemba (Angola)
       NI    Ni (South Asia)
       NIC   Nicobari (Nicobar Islands, India)
       NIS   Nishi/Nyishi (India-Arunachal Pradesh: 0.3m)
       NIU   Niuean (Niue / S Pacific)
       NL    Dutch (Nederlands)                                      [Niederlaendisch]
             Flemish is included here ;-)
       NLA   Nga La: Myanmar (40,000)
       NO    Norwegian                                                    [Norwegisch]
       NOC   Nocte / Nockte (India - Assam, Arunachal Pr.: 35,000)
       NP    Nupe (Nigeria)
       NTK   Natakani / Netakani, dialect of Varhadi-Nagpuri (S India, 7m)
       NU    Nuer: Sudan (0.75m), Ethiopia (0.04m)
       NUN   Nung: Vietnam (0.8m)
       NW    Newari (India)
       NY    Nyanja / Chinyanja (Malawi 3m, Zambia 1m, ZWE+MOZ 1m)
       OG    Ogan (Indonesia)
       OH    Otjiherero service in Namibia (Languages: Herero, SeTswana)
       OO    Oromo: Ethiopia (8m)
       OR    Oriya / Orissa (India: 32m)
       OS    Ossetic (Caucasus)                                            [Ossetisch]
       OW    Oshiwambo service in Angola and Namibia (Languages: Ovambo, Kwanyama)
       P     Portuguese                                                [Portugiesisch]
       PAL   Palaung - Pale: Burma (0.3m)
       PAS   Pasemah (Indonesia)
       PED   Pedi (S Africa)
       PF    Pashto and Farsi
       PJ    Punjabi (India/Pakistan)
       PO    Polish (Poland)                                                [Polnisch]
       POR   Po: Myanmar-Rakhine (identical to K-W?)
       POT   Pothwari (Pakistan)
       PS    Pashto / Pushtu: Afghanistan (8m), Iran (0.1m)
       PU    Pulaar (West Africa)
       Q     Quechua: Bolivia (2.8m)
       QQ    Qashqai: SW Iran (1.5m)
       R     Russian                                                        [Russisch]
       RAD   Rade/Ede: Vietnam (0.3m)
       REN   Rengao (Vietnam)
       RGM   Rengma (India - Nagaland: 21,000)
       RH    Rahanwein (Somalia)
       RO    Romanian                                                     [Rumaenisch]
       ROG   Roglai: Vietnam (50,000)
       ROM   Romanes (Gypsy)                                            [Roma-Sprache]
       RON   Rongmei (India - Manipur, Nagaland, Assam: 60,000)
       Ros   Rosary session of Vaticane Radio                             [Rosenkranz]
       RWG   Rawang: Burma (60,000), India-Arunachal Pr.(60,000)
       S     Spanish                                                        [Spanisch]
       SAH   Saho: Eritrea, South (0.14m)
       SAM   Samayiki (India)
       SAN   Sango (Central African Rep.)
       SAS   Sasak: Indonesia-Lombok (2m)
       SC    Serbo-Croat (Yugoslav language before the                [Serbokroatisch]
                    national and linguistic separation)
       SCA   Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish)
       SD    Sindhi: Pakistan (17m), India (3m)
       SED   Sedang: Vietnam (0.1m)
       SEF   Sefardi (Jewish language in Spain)
       SEN   Sena (Mocambique)
       SGA   Shangaan (Mocambique)
       SGM   Sara Gambai / Sara Ngambai (Chad)
       SGO   Songo (Angola)
       SHA   Shan: Burma (3m)
       SHk   Shan-Khamti (Burma)
       SHC   Sharchogpa / Sarchopa (Bhutan)
       SHE   Sheena (Pakistan)
       SHK   Shiluk (S Sudan: 175,000)
       SHO   Shona (Zimbabwe)
       SHP   Sherpa (India,Nepal: 30,000)
       SHU   Shuwa (Arabic of Central Africa, Chad)
       SI    Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
       SID   Sidamo/Sidama (Ethiopia, Eritrea)
       SIK   Sikkimese (NE India)
             Silozi: See LOZ-Lozi
       SIR   Siraiki (Pakistan)
       SK    Slovak                                                       [Slowakisch]
       SLM   Solomon Islands Pidgin (Solomon Isl., S.Pacific)
       SLT   Silte / East Gurage (Ethiopia: 1m)
       SM    Samoan: Samoa (0.2m), USA (0.1m)
       SMP   Sambalpuri / Sambealpuri (dialect of Oriya) (India - Orissa)
       SNK   Sanskrit (India)
       SNT   Santhali: India (5.5m), Bangladesh (0.15m)
       SO    Somali
       SON   Songhai: Mali (0.6m), Niger (0.4m), Burkina (0.1m)
       SOT   SeSotho (Lesotho)
       SOU   Sous (North Africa)
       SR    Serbian                                                        [Serbisch]
       SRA   Soura / Saurashtra (India-Tamil N.,Karnataka,Andhra Pr.: 300,000)
       STI   Stieng: Vietnam (50,000)
       SUA   Shuar (Ecuador)
       SUD   Sudanese (Arabic)
       SUM   Sumi (India - Nagaland: 0.1m)
       SUN   Sunda/Sundanese: Indonesia-West Java (34m)
       SUS   Sousou (West Africa)
       SV    Slovenian                                                    [Slowenisch]
       SWA   Swahili  (Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda)                              [Kisuaheli]
       SWE   Swedish                                                      [Schwedisch]
       SWT   Swatow (China)
       SWZ   SiSwati (Swaziland)
       SYL   Syrian-Lebanese Arabic
       T     Thai
       TAG   Tagalog (Philippines)
       TAH   Tachelhit (North Africa)
       TAM   Tamil (South India / Sri Lanka)                               [Tamilisch]
       TB    Tibetan: Tibet (1m), India (0.1m)                             [Tibetisch]
       TBS   Tabasaran: Dagestan / Russia (0.1m)
       TEL   Telugu (South India)
       TEM   Temme (Sierra Leone)
       TFT   Tarifit (North Africa)
       TGK   Tangkhul/Tangkul (India - Manipur, Nagaland: 0.1m)
       TGR   Tigre/TigrŽ (Eritrea: 800,000) (not = Tigrinya)
       TGS   Tangsa/Naga-Tase (Myanmar, India-Arunachal Pradesh: 0.1m)
       THA   Tharu Buksa (India-Nainital: 20,000)
       TIG   Tigrinya/Tigray (Ethiopia: 3m, Eritrea: 2m)
       TJ    Tajik                                                      [Tadschikisch]
       TK    Turkmen                                                     [Turkmenisch]
       TL    Tai-Lu/Lu/Xishuangbanna Dai: S China (0.3m), Burma (0.2m), Laos (0.1m)
       TM    Tamazight (North Africa)
       TMG   Tamang (Nepal: 0.3m)
       TMJ   Tamajeq (West Africa)
       TN    Tai-Nua/Chinese Shan/Dehong Dai: S China (250,000), Laos/Burma (0.2m)
       TNG   Tonga (Zambia)
       TO    Tongan (Tonga, So.Pacific)
       TOK   Tokelau (Tokelau, So.Pacific)
       TOR   Torajanese (Indonesia)
       TP    Tok Pisin (PNG pidgin)
       TS    Tswana / SeTswana: Botswana (1m), South Africa (3m)
       TSA   Tsangla: Bhutan (0.4m). Close to Sharchagpakha / Sarchopa
       TSH   Tshwa (Mocambique)
       TT    Tatar: Central Russia, Volga (7m)
       TTB   Tatar-Bashkir service of Radio Liberty
       TU    Turkish: Turkey (46m), Bulgaria (0.8m)                        [Tuerkisch]
       TUL   Tulu (South India)
       TUM   Tumbuka (Malawi)
       TUN   Tunisian (Arabic)
       TUR   Turki
       TV    Tuva / Tuvinic  (Tannu-Tuva, S Siberia) and Russian           [Tuwinisch]
       TW    Taiwanese / Fujian / Hokkien (CHN 25m, TWN 15m, others 9m)
       Twi   Twi/Akan: Ghana (7m - Ashanti language)
       TWT   Tachawit/Shawiya/Chaouia: Algerian (2m)
       TZ    Tamazight/Berber: Morocco (2m), Algeria (1m)
       UD    Udmurt (Ce Russia)
       UI    Uighur: China/Xinjiang (7m), Kazakhstan (0.2m)                [Uigurisch]
       UK    Ukrainian                                                    [Ukrainisch]
       UM    Umbundu: Angola (4m)
       UR    Urdu: Pakistan (54m)
       UZ    Uzbek (Southern Variant: 1m in Afghanistan)                   [Usbekisch]
       V     Vasco (Basque / Spain)                                         [Baskisch]
       VAD   Vadari / Waddar / Od (India - Andhra Pr.: 2m)
       VAR   Varli / Warli (India - Maharashtra: 0.6m)
       Ves   Vespers (Vaticane Radio)                                         [Vesper]
       Vn    Vernacular = local languages (maybe various)               [Lokalsprache]
       VN    Vietnamese                                                [Vietnamesisch]
       VV    Vasavi (India)
       VX    Vlax Romani (Balkans)
       W     Wolof (Senegal)
       WA    Wa: South China (Vo Wa, 40,000), Myanmar (Parauk Wa, 1m)
       WAO   Waodani/Waorani (South America)
       WE    Wenzhou (China)
       WT    White Tai / Tai Don (Vietnam,Laos: 400,000)
       WU    Wu (China - Jiangsu, Zhejiang: 80m)
       XH    Xhosa (South Africa)
       YAO   Yao (Mocambique)
       YER   Yerukula (India - Andhra Pr.: 0.3m)
       Yi    Yi / Nosu (China-Sichuan,Yunnan: 6 Yi dialects of each 300-800,000)
       YI    Yiddish (Jewish)                                               [Jiddisch]
       YK    Yakutian / Sakha (Rep.Sakha, Siberia/Russia)                  [Jakutisch]
       YO    Yoruba: Nigeria (20m)
       YOL   Yolngu (NE Arnhem Land, NT, Australia; 7000 speakers)
       YU    Yu (East Asia, ?)
       YZ    Yezidish (Armenia)
       Z     Zulu (South Africa)
       ZA    Zarma/Zama (West Africa)
       ZD    Zande (S Sudan)
       ZG    Zaghawa (Chad)
       ZH    Zhuang: S China (2 Zhuang dialects of 10m and 4m)
       ZWE   Languages of Zimbabwe
    Country Abbreviations:
       ABW	Aruba
       AFG	Afghanistan
       AFS	South Africa
       AGL	Angola
       AIA	Anguilla
       ALB	Albania
       ALG	Algeria
       ALS	Alaska *
       AMS	Saint Paul & Amsterdam Is.
       AND	Andorra
       AOE  Western Sahara
       ARG	Argentina
       ARM	Armenia
       ARS	Saudi Arabia
       ASC	Ascension Island *
       ATA	Antarctica *
       ATG	Antigua and Barbuda
       ATN	Netherlands Leeward Antilles (dissolved in 2010)
       AUS	Australia
       AUT	Austria
       AZE	Azerbaijan
       AZR	Azores
       B	Brasil
       BAH	Bahamas
       BDI	Burundi
       BEL	Belgium
       BEN	Benin
       BER	Bermuda
       BES  Bonaire, St Eustatius, Saba (Dutch islands in the Caribbean)
       BFA	Burkina Faso
       BGD	Bangla Desh
       BGR  Bulgaria
       BHR	Bahrain
       BIH	Bosnia-Herzegovina
       BIO	Chagos Is. (Diego Garcia) (British Indian Ocean Territory)
       BLM  Saint-Barthelemy
       BLR	Belarus
       BLZ	Belize
       BOL	Bolivia
       BOT	Botswana
       BOV	Bouvet *
       BRB	Barbados
       BRU	Brunei Darussalam
       BTN	Bhutan
       CAB	Cabinda *
       CAF	Central African Republic
       CAN	Canada
       CBG	Cambodia
       CEU	Ceuta *
       CHL	Chile
       CHN	China (People's Republic)
       CHR	Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
       CKH	Cook Island (South) (Rarotonga)
       CLA  Clandestine stations *
       CLM	Colombia
       CLN	Sri Lanka
       CLP	Clipperton *
       CME	Cameroon
       CNR	Canary Islands
       COD  Democratic Republic of Congo (capital Kinshasa)
       COG  Republic of Congo (capital Brazzaville)
       COM	Comores
       CPV	Cape Verde Islands
       CRO	Crozet Island
       CTI	Ivory Coast (C™te d'Ivoire)
       CTR	Costa Rica
       CUB	Cuba
       CUW  Curacao
       CVA	Vatican State
       CYM	Cayman Islands
       CYP	Cyprus
       CZE	Czech Republic
       D	Germany
       DJI	Djibouti
       DMA	Dominica
       DNK	Denmark
       DOM	Dominican Republic
       E	Spain
       EGY	Egypt
       EQA	Ecuador
       ERI	Eritrea
       EST	Estonia
       ETH	Ethiopia
       EUR	Iles Europe & Bassas da India *
       F	France
       FIN	Finland
       FJI	Fiji
       FLK	Falkland Islands
       FRO	Faroe Islands
       FSM	Federated States of Micronesia
       G	Great Britain and Northern Ireland
       GAB	Gabon
       GEO	Georgia
       GHA	Ghana
       GIB	Gibraltar
       GLP	Guadeloupe
       GMB	Gambia
       GNB	Guinea-Bissau
       GNE	Equatorial Guinea
       GPG	Galapagos *
       GRC	Greece
       GRD	Grenada
       GRL	Greenland
       GTB	Guantanamo Bay *
       GTM	Guatemala
       GUF	French Guyana
       GUI	Guinea
       GUM	Guam / Guahan
       GUY	Guyana
       HKG	Hong Kong, part of China
       HMD	Heard & McDonald Islands *
       HND	Honduras
       HNG	Hungary
       HOL	The Netherlands * (changed to NLD)
       HRV	Croatia
       HTI	Haiti
       HWA	Hawaii *
       HWL	Howland & Baker
       I	Italy
       ICO	Cocos Island
       IND	India
       INS	Indonesia
       IRL	Ireland
       IRN	Iran
       IRQ	Iraq
       ISL	Iceland
       ISR	Israel
       IW   International Waters
       IWA	Ogasawara (Bonin, Iwo Jima) *
       J	Japan
       JAF	Jarvis Island
       JDN	Juan de Nova *
       JMC	Jamaica
       JMY	Jan Mayen *
       JON	Johnston Atoll
       JOR	Jordan
       JUF	Juan Fernandez Island *
       KAL	Kaliningrad *
       KAZ	Kazakstan / Kazakhstan
       KEN	Kenya
       KER	Kerguelen
       KGZ	Kyrgyzstan
       KIR	Kiribati
       KNA  St Kitts and Nevis
       KOR	Korea, South (Republic)
       KRE	Korea, North (Democratic People's Republic)
       KWT	Kuwait
       LAO	Laos
       LBN	Lebanon
       LBR	Liberia
       LBY	Libya
       LCA	Saint Lucia
       LIE	Liechtenstein
       LSO	Lesotho
       LTU	Lithuania
       LUX	Luxembourg
       LVA	Latvia
       MAC	Macao
       MAF  St Martin
       MAU	Mauritius
       MCO	Monaco
       MDA	Moldova
       MDG	Madagascar
       MDR	Madeira
       MDW  Midway Islands
       MEL	Melilla *
       MEX	Mexico
       MHL  Marshall Islands
       MKD	Macedonia (F.Y.R.)
       MLA	Malaysia
       MLD	Maldives
       MLI	Mali
       MLT	Malta
       MMR  Myanmar (Burma)
       MNE  Montenegro
       MNG	Mongolia
       MOZ	Mozambique
       MRA	Northern Mariana Islands
       MRC	Morocco
       MRN	Marion & Prince Edward Islands
       MRQ	Marquesas Islands *
       MRT	Martinique
       MSR	Montserrat
       MTN	Mauritania
       MWI	Malawi
       MYT	Mayotte
       NCG	Nicaragua
       NCL	New Caledonia
       NFK	Norfolk Island
       NGR	Niger
       NIG	Nigeria
       NIU	Niue
       NLD  Netherlands
       NMB	Namibia
       NOR	Norway
       NPL	Nepal
       NRU	Nauru
       NZL	New Zealand
       OCE	French Polynesia
       OMA	Oman
       PAK	Pakistan
       PAQ	Easter Island
       PHL	Philippines
       PHX	Phoenix Is.
       PLM	Palmyra Island
       PLW  Palau
       PNG	Papua New Guinea
       PNR	Panama
       POL	Poland
       POR	Portugal
       PRG	Paraguay
       PRU	Peru
       PRV	Okino-Tori-Shima (Parece Vela) *
       PSE  Palestine
       PTC	Pitcairn
       PTR	Puerto Rico
       QAT	Qatar
       REU	La RŽunion
       ROD  Rodrigues
       ROU	Romania
       RRW	Rwanda
       RUS	Russian Federation
       S	Sweden
       SAP	San Andres & Providencia *
       SDN	Sudan
       SEN	Senegal
       SEY	Seychelles
       SGA	South Georgia Islands *
       SHN	Saint Helena
       SLM	Solomon Islands
       SLV	El Salvador
       SMA	Samoa (American)
       SMO	Samoa
       SMR	San Marino
       SNG	Singapore
       SOK	South Orkney Islands *
       SOM	Somalia
       SPM	Saint Pierre et Miquelon
       SPR	Spratly Islands *
       SRB  Serbia
       SRL	Sierra Leone
       SSI	South Sandwich Islands *
       STP	Sao Tome & Principe
       SUI	Switzerland
       SUR	Suriname
       SVB	Svalbard *
       SVK	Slovakia
       SVN	Slovenia
       SWZ	Swaziland
       SXM  Sint Maarten
       SYR	Syria
       TCA	Turks and Caicos Islands
       TCD	Tchad
       TGO	Togo
       THA	Thailand
       TJK	Tajikistan
       TKL	Tokelau
       TKM	Turkmenistan
       TLS  Timor-Leste
       TON	Tonga
       TRC	Tristan da Cunha *
       TRD	Trinidad and Tobago
       TUA	Tuamotu Archipelago *
       TUN	Tunisia
       TUR	Turkey
       TUV	Tuvalu
       TWN  Taiwan *
       TZA	Tanzania
       UAE	United Arab Emirates
       UGA	Uganda
       UKR	Ukraine
       UN   United Nations *
       URG	Uruguay
       USA	United States of America
       UZB	Uzbekistan
       VCT	Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
       VEN	Venezuela
       VIR	American Virgin Islands
       VRG	British Virgin Islands
       VTN	Vietnam
       VUT	Vanuatu
       WAK	Wake Island
       WAL	Wallis and Futuna
       XUU  Unidentified
       YEM	Yemen
       ZMB	Zambia
       ZWE	Zimbabwe
    Target Abbreviations: Af - Africa Am - America(s) As - Asia C.. - Central .. Car - Caribbean Cau - Caucasus CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States (Former Soviet Union) CNA - Central North America E.. - East .. ENA - Eastern North America Eu - Europe (often including North Africa/Middle East) FE - Far East LAm - Latin America (=Central and South America) ME - Middle East N.. - North .. NAO - North Atlantic Ocean Oc - Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean) S.. - South .. SAO - South Atlantic Ocean SEA - South East Asia SEE - South East Europe Sib - Siberia Tib - Tibet W.. - West .. WNA - Western North America

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    Last modified June 14, 2012