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Audiocorder Logo

Audiocorder is a sophisticated yet easy to use audio recording program for your Macintosh. With the click of a button, you can record from any audio source that you connect to your Mac, through a microphone or a direct cable connection. Audiocorder makes it easy to record music, as well as make spoken recordings. And it can automatically transfer recordings to iTunes, to add them to playlists, or convert to mp3 format.

Download a copy of Audiocorder right now, to try out without obligation!

The cost of buying Audiocorder is only $19.99!
Buy your copy online, and get your registration code in minutes!
Audiocorder Screen Shot

First, it can work like a standard tape audio recorder. You simply click on the start button to begin sound recording, and the stop button to end recording. You can even click on a single button to stop the current recording, and start the next. Perfect for manually breaking an entire album or CD into individual tracks.

You can have each sound recording stored in a separate file, or they can all be sequentially stored in one file.

Second, Audiocorder works like a VCR - you can program when it should start and stop recording. You can also perform a timed recording - tell Audiocorder to record for so many seconds.

Third, Audiocorder can work like a VOX (voice operated) audio recorder. This allows you to set the volume that the sound must reach to begin recording, and the volume at which it should end recording, eliminating dead air when there is no sound. This allows Audiocorder to function as an automated and unattended recorder.

The Voice VOX feature attempts to distinguish between "real" audio, such as speech and music, as compared to static, making it easier to record off of shortwave radio, etc.

It also allows you to set the trigger length for the start and stop values, which helps you to eliminate recording short bursts of sound or ending the recording process during a short pause (such as in normal speech).

Finally, Audiocorder works as a telephone call recorder under Mac OS 9 and OS X! Using just your internal modem, you can record telephone conversations. This should work with many internal modems, but be sure to test it out on yours. It doesn't work on all Mac models. (Be sure to check with your local regulations regarding recording such calls) Note, this will not work on iBooks and Cubes, as these models do not have analog sound input capabilities.
One other suggestion is to try one of the adapters sold to plug a tape recorder into a phone line, and plug the connector that normally would plug into the tape recorder into the microphone jack on your Mac. Radio Shack sells these adapters, as do other electronics stores do as well.

Audiocorder is perfect for many applications, such as:

  • Digitizing a record album or tape. Each song will be stored as its own file, ready for you to burn onto a CD, etc.
  • Recording telephone conversations.
  • Recording audio from a scanner or other radio. Rather than recording lots of dead air, only periods with audio will be recorded.
  • Recording sounds from nature, such as birds.
  • Automated recording of radio programs.

Each sound file is stored in AIFF format, a Macintosh standard sound format. WAVE format is also supported. The audio can be sampled at 11, 22 or 44 kHz, with a sample size of 8 or 16 bits, monophonic or stereo. The name of each file contains the date and time (down to seconds) the recording began.

Most of Audiocorder's features are scriptable, automation a snap.

Audiocorder is available for both MacOS 8/9 and Mac OS X systems.

Be sure to read our notes on burning an audio CD if you're interested in learning how to burn a CD with recordings made with Audiocorder.

We're offering you a risk-free deal. You can go ahead and download a copy of Audiocorder for absolutely free. Give it a try, and see how easy it is to use. Once you've decided that you find it useful, go ahead and register your copy. If for some reason you decide Audiocorder isn't for you, just throw away your copy. That's it!

Just visit our online ordering page to register your copy of Audiocorder, and get your registration code in minutes!

Audiocorder requires a sound input device capable of 44.1 kHz, 16 bit recording, either mono or stereo.

Audiocorder does not directly record streaming audio over the internet. One way to do this would be to connect a patch cable from the speaker to microphone jack on your computer.

Attention iBook Owners (and others without sound input) Audiocorder has been tested and found to work with the Griffin iMic, Telex H-531, and Labtec Verse 704, and should work with most other USB microphones as well. You can read our USB Microphone tutorial for details.

Some important notes for Mac OSX users:

  • OSX 10.1.3 (and later) fixes a nasty bug which caused any audio recording program, including Audiocorder, to possibly not record the left and right channels at equal levels. If you're using an earlier version of OS X, please be sure to update.

The current release version of Audiocorder is 5.5.0, which has some bug fixes for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Buy your copy online, and get your registration code in minutes!

Please make sure Audiocorder runs properly on your system, and meets your needs, before registering it.

Now that you can record great sounds on your Mac, you need a way to organize them and quickly and easily play them back. Take a look at our program Sound Byte, a computerized cart machine for your Mac!

Audiocorder is only available for Macintosh systems. No Windows version is available.

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Last Updated July 29, 2010