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43 meter Pirate Radio Band

6800-7000 kHz Band Scan

There are many utility stations that occupy the 6800-7000 kHz region, which is often used for pirate radio transmissions here in the US. These stations are summarized below. Pirate operators may wish to avoid using these frequencies, and listeners can quickly identify these unwanted stations and ignore them. Updates are always welcome!

Click here for a recent waterfall of the 6830-6980 kHz band

Click here for A Day in the Life of 43 meters

Looking for a way to connect your computer to your Icom rig? Take a look at the Black Cat Systems USB Icom CI-V Interface

6805 - PSK RTTY 6817.5 850/50 Encrypted RTTY 6840 - Spy Numbers station E10 (MOSSAD), Israel
6855 - WYFR SWBC 6880 - PSK RTTY 6890 - WWFV SWBC 6904 - UNID Stanag (PSK)
6910 - Spy Numbers station E10 (MOSSAD), Israel
6912 - Spy Numbers station E10 (MOSSAD), Israel
6913 - MARS net (LSB)
6926 - PSK modem, no idea who this is, just popped up on Oct 28th, 2004
6930 - Spy Numbers station E10 (MOSSAD), Israel
6933 - Spy Numbers station M8A, morse code, Cuba
6939 - UNID Piccolo station
6940 - Radio Fana Ethiopia
6942 - UNID RTTY station, 850/75, encrypted, presumed in Europe
6945 - Spy Numbers station S10D
6946 - LINK-11 US Navy
6950 - China SWBC
6953 - UNID RTTY station, 850/75, encrypted, presumed in Europe
6955 - SWBC China Radio International
6956 - SWBC Radio La Voz del Campesino aus Huarmaca, Peru
6959 - Spy Numbers station E3 (British Intelligence MI6), Cyprus
6961 - Canadian MARS Net 6962 - UNID PSK
6973 - Galei Zahal (Defense Forces Radio), Israel
6979 - UNID RTTY station, 850/75, encrypted, presumed in Europe
6985 - Voice of New Sudan, Eritrea
6986 - Spy Numbers station E10 (MOSSAD), Israel

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Last modified March 26, 2006