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Westminster MD KiwiSDR Receivers

You may have reached this page because all four receivers on one of my KiwiSDRs are full. If so, please try another of my KiwiSDR receivers to see if it has an open slot: - 120 ft T2FD Antenna ( ) - 250 ft V Beam Antenna aimed to Europe ( ) - 400 ft South Beverage Antenna ( ) - 500 ft Beverage Antenna aimed to Europe ( ) - 900 ft Horizontal Sky Loop Antenna ( )

The IP address here changed recently. DNS has been updated, but some users report bot being able to connect to a KiwiSDR, probably due to local DNS caching issues. If so, use the link with the hardcoded IP address.

Help get more of my high signal to noise ratio antennas online! Make a donation towards the purchase and operation of another KiwiDSDR. This will open up additional four receivers, and you'll see the "Sorry, the KiwiSDR server is too busy right now" message less often. Plus I can connect another of my antennas to it, so you have more choice.

Any donation amount ($10, $25, $50...) would be greatly appreciated. Please use the Paypal donate button below. If you'd prefer to send your donation by mail instead, please send me an email and I'll send you my mailing address.

Also, if you happen to have a KiwiSDR and are not happy with the performance at your QTH due to RFI or limited antenna space, I may be able to locate it here, with one of the receivers password locked for your private use. I live in a low noise rural area, and have lots of antennas :)

Thank you and 73!

While you wait for a receiver to free up, why not take a look at some of my radio related software?

With enough extra sales, maybe I'll be able to afford to buy another KiwiSDR to share online :)