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Transmission Line Calc

iPhone App to Analyze RF Transmission Lines

Transmission Line Calc allows you to perform several calculations related to RF transmission Lines.

After selecting from one of 53 different transmission lines, you specify the length and operating frequency. The characteristic impedance and velocity factor of the cable is displayed, and the attenuation (loss) as well as electrical length (in wavelengths and degrees) is displayed.

Next, you can specify the impedance (both resistive and reactive) and whether this is measured at the input to the transmission line or the load. The impedance at the other end of the transmission line is calculated, as well as the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) for both ends.

The loss due to the SWR is then calculated and displayed, as well as the total loss.
Next, you can enter in the input power, and the loss due to the cable as well as SWR is displayed, as well as the net power out.

53 different commonly used transmission lines are available for selection.

Belden 8215 (RG-6A)
Belden 8237 (RG-8)
Belden 9913 (RG-8)
Belden 9258 (RG-8X)
Belden 8213 (RG-11)
Belden 8261 (RG-11A)
Belden 8240 (RG-58)
Belden 9201 (RG-58)
Belden 8219 (RG-58A)
Belden 8259 (RG-58C)
Belden 8212 (RG-59)
Belden 8263 (RG-59B)
Belden 9269 (RG-62A)
Belden 83241 (RG-141A)
Belden 8216 (RG-174)
Belden 8267 (RG-213)
Davis RF Bury-Flex
300 ohm Tubular
450 ohm Window
600 ohm Open
Andrew Heliax LDF4-50A
Andrew Heliax LDF5-50A
Andrew Heliax LDF6-50A
Generic 300 ohm Tubular
Generic 450 ohm Window
Generic 600 ohm Open
CommScope 6 Series Plenum
CommScope 11 Series Plenum
CommScope 59 Series Plenum
CommScope 6 Series Drop
CommScope 11 Series Drop
CommScope QR 320 Drop
CommScope 59 Series Drop
Aircell 5
Aircell 7
Aircom Plus
Ecoflex 10 Standard
Ecoflex 10 Plus
Ecoflex 15 Standard
Ecoflex 15 Plus
Ecoflex 10 Plus HTX
MACX350A 3-1/8" Rigid Line
MACX450A 4-1/16" Rigid Line
MACX650A 6-1/8" Rigid Line
MACX775A 7-3/16" Rigid Line
MACX850A 8-3/16" Rigid Line

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Last modified March 28, 2019