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Loniak Genealogy

What I have figured out (or guessed!) so far:

Many thanks to those who have helped by contributing information. If you have anything to add or correct (and I am sure I have errors as there is much guesswork involved in piecing together some of the families), or if you're just a cousin who I haven't met yet who wants to drop me a line, please feel free to contact me, the email address is at the bottom of this page.

First Generation

Vasyl Loniak [0] married Maria Gulaj [2], both lived in Gologory.
They had a son Gabriel Loniak [1] (1773 - 17 APR 1853)

Second Generation

Gabriel Loniak married Unknown
They had a son Vasyl (Basil) Loniak [3] (1805 - AFT 1865)

Third Generation

Vasyl Loniak [3] married Kateryna Tomaszewski [4] (1813 - 10 OCT 1854) daughter of Alexi Tomaszewski [5] and Tereza [6]
Anna Loniak [7] born ABT 1832
Andreas Loniak [8] born ABT 1834
Jan Loniak [9] born 20 Jan 1836
Grzegorz Loniak [10] born 18 Jan 1838
Anastazia Loniak [11] born 5 Feb 1841, died 9 SEP 1841
Adalbert Loniak [12] (George) born 7 May 1848
Roman Loniak [13] born 5 Aug 1852

Fourth Generation

Anna Loniak [7] married Simon Bilinski [15] (son of Jan Bilinski [16] and Eudocia [17] ) on 24 FEB 1850 in Gologory, Galicia.

Andreas Loniak [8] married Eudocia Demozyszyn [18] (daughter of Nicolaus Demozyszyn [19] and Maria Kowlyka [20])
Petrus Loniak [21] born 17 MAR 1862

Jan Loniak [9] married Marta Say [22] (born 13 SEP 1843, daughter of Mykhailo Say [23] and Maria Diakov [24]) on 26 OCT 1862 in Gologory, Galicia. Mykhailo's parents were Hryhorii Say [25] and Theodosia Kuszmierow [26]. Maria Diakov's parents were Jakob Diakov [27] and Helena Olexiy [28].
Marta Loniak [29] born about 1864
Jan Loniak [30] born 19 JAN 1879, died 3 APR 1967 in Toledo, OH
Wasyl Loniak [31] born 30 DEC 1881, died 3 MAR 1949 in Chicago, IL

Adalbert Loniak married Anna Say [32]
Nykola [33] born ABT 1884
Wasyl B. Loniak [34] born 12 JAN 1889, died JUN 1974 Valley Stream, NY
Maria Loniak [35] born ABT 1894
Marya Loniak [36] born ABT 1894
Teodor Loniak [37] born 24 JUL 1896

Fifth Generation

Marta Loniak [29] married Mikolaj (Nicholas) Karpa [38] (born 14 DEC 1863, son of Andrzej Karpa [39] and Maria Smolinski [40])
John Karpa [41] born 3 APR 1890, died 2 JUL 1970 Chicago, IL
Marta Karpa [42] born 9 JAN 1894, died 26 OCT 1953 Hampton, NJ
Unknown Karpa [43] born 9 JAN 1894, died young in Poland, twin sister of Marta.
Ksenia Karpa [44] born ABT 1900, died 1996 in Stony Creek, Ontario.
Ahafia Karpa [45] born ABT 1900, presumed died in Poland.

Jan Loniak [30] married Anastazya Mikolow [46] (24 APR 1886 - 25 FEB 1924) daughter of Jan Mikolow [47]) in Poland.
Kasia Loniak [48] born ABT 1908
Fulka Loniak [49] born ABT DEC 1911

Wasyl Loniak [31] married Zofia Mikolajczyk [50] (26 OCT 1891 - 7 JUN 1970, daughter of Ludwik Mikolajczyk [51]
Olga C. Loniak [52] born 20 JUL 1914
Lucy Loniak [53] born ABT 1919

Nykola [33] married Paraska [67] in Poland. Arrived USA 1 Feb 1910.

Maria Loniak [35] married Alexius Rybka [91] 19 NOV 1911 in New York City.

Wasyl B. [34] married Sophia Szwec [54] (ABT 1896 - ABT 1960, daughter of Andrew Szwec [55] and Mary Holbroka [56]) on 1 OCT 1916 in New York City.
Brother Teodor [37] was living with the family in the 1920 census.
Andrew Loniak [57] born 13 JUL 1917 in NY, died FEB 1971.
Walter Loniak [58] born DEC 1919
Stephen Loniak [59] born ABT 1921, died 24 NOV 1975 in TX.

Sixth Generation

John Karpa [41] married Elizabeth Judy Grecz [60]
William W. Karpa [68]
Mary P. Karpa [69]
Stephen John Karpa [70]

Marta Karpa [42] married Franciszek P. Smolinski [61]
Stella Smolinski [71]
William Smolinski [72]
Mary Smolinski [73]
Ann Smolinski [74]
Frank J Smolinski [75]
Peter Smolinski [76]
Frederick E Smolinski [77]

Ksenia Karpa [44] married John Tyczynski [62]
Living Tyczynski [78]
Living Tyczynski [79]
Living Tyczynski [80]

Kasia Loniak [48] married John James [63] (ABT 1897 - )

Fulka Loniak [49] married Norman Hinz [64] (17 JUN 1908 - 22 JUL 1989)

Olga C. Loniak [52] married Arnold Grot [65] (16 SEP 1908 - JUN 1982)

Lucy Loniak [53] married Paul F. Selley [66] (27 JAN 1914 - 22 SEP 2000)
Living Selley [81]
Living Selley [82]

Unplaced Loniak Families and Other Related People

Children of Jan Mikolow [47]:
Hrynko Mikolow [83] born ABT 1883
Anna Mikolow [84] born ABT 1885
Nascia Mikolow [85] born ABT 1886
Anastazya Mikolow [46] born 24 APR 1886
Ksenka Mikolow born [86] ABT 1892

Unplaced immigrants

Aleksy Loniak [88]

Stefan Loniak [87]
He's living on 535 East 15th Street NY as per WWI draft card with a wife and one child, and on 28 Oxford Street, Newark, NJ as per his WWI draft card, with wife Pelaqia. According to his Social Security application, his parents were Elias Loniak [98] and Pelagia Pilipak [99].

In the 1920 census, he is living in Newark, NJ, indexed in as Steve Lamaik in Newark NJ. Wife Sophie and a son. The wife is Sophie Lesow [92]. Their son [97] is still alive. They later were divorced, and she married a Paul Masko [93] in 1935.

In the 1930 census, he is living in Newark, NJ with the Makofsky family, 24 Oxford Street. The wife's name is Pauline nee Choracka [94], and I believe this is who Stefan later marries, presumably after her husband Joseph dies. Joseph and Pauline have children "Living Loniak" [95] and Henry [96], who appear to take the Loniak name. Stefan and Pauline have later children of their own.

Henry Loniak [96] was born on 16 JUL 1928 and died 13 DEC 2004.

Jakym Loniak [89]

Jakim Lomak [90] (could be the same person as Jakym Loniak [89] above.

Unplaced WWI Draft Cards

Jan Leoniak born 20 DEC 1893 Kozelie Poland, living in NJ

Antonia Loniak born 23 MAR 1890 Poland, living in North Adams, Berkshire Co, MA

John Loniak born 27 JUL 1879 living in Jersey City, NJ.
Yan Loniak born 21 JAN 1878 living in Manhattan, NY
One of the above is Jan Loniak [30], but who is the other? probably this John:
LONIAK, JOHN, Jersey City (Oct 23) To widow Domenek Loniak of Russia, Anna Waszvle, Mary Biluik and Mikita Loniak of
Poland, Stephen Guyra, 338 Johnson Ave, Jersey City, executor. (Classifieds ad, 1930)

Ellis Island Passengers:

Anastazya Loniak (maiden name Vylholov / Mikolow) [46]
Age 25, Female, married, house wife (born abt 1887)
Arrived April 2, 1912 Ship Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm from Bremen
Born Gologory, living in Gologory
Paid by self, going to husband Ivan Loniak, "says husb is 3 years in"
Father Ivan Vylholov? in Gologory
Daughter Kasia age 4
Daughter Fulka age 6 months
Her husband is the Jan Loniak below, who arrived Dec 1908.

Jakym Loniak [89]
Age 33, Male, married, Slovak Austria, Laborer (born abt 1875)
Arrived December 22, 1908, Ship Amerika from Hamburg
Going to stepbrother Michal Popowicz
Born Gologory, from Gologory
Wife Kath. Loniak, Gologory

Jakim Lomak [90]
Age 31, Male (born about 1876)
Arrived Apr 20, 1907
Residence Gvsopory [Gologory], Galicy
Born Gologory
Joining Cousin Jan ???

Jan Loniak [30]
Age 39, Male, married, Austria, Farm Laborer (born abt 1867)
Arrived December 22, 1908, Ship Amerika from Hamburg
Paid by self, going to brother in law Nikolay Gulaj?
Born Gologory, from Gologory
Wife Nascia, Gologory

Maria Loniak [35]
Age 17, Female, Single, Maid, Ruthenian (born abt 1894)
Arrived March 11, 1911 Ship Kaiserin Augusta Victoria from Hamburg
Born Gologory, lived in Gologory
Paid by self, going to cousin Jan Loniak
Mother Anna Loniak, Gologory

Marya Loniak [36]
Age 17, Female, Single, Ruthenian, Housemaid (born abt 1894)
Arrived July 29, 1911 Ship Kaiserin Augusta Victoria from Hamburg
Paid by cousin Alex Loniak, same street adress as Jan Loniak
Born Gologory, living in Hamburg
Relative: Paul Malivoski? relationship: acquaintance?

Nykola Loniak [33]
Age 26, Male, Married, Ruthenian, Farm laborer (born abt 1884)
Arrived Feb 1, 1910 Ship Amerika from Hamburg
Paid by self, going to cousin Jakob Loniak
Born Gologory, living in Gologory
Wife Paraska? Loniak

Stefan Loniak [87]
Age 17, Male, Single, Farm laborer (born abt 1896)
Arrived Jul 28, 1913 from Bremen
Going to stay with Uncle Jan Loniak
From Gologory, born in Gologory
Mother Parenka Loniak

Teodor Loniak [37]
Age 17, Male, single, Ruthenian, Farm laborer (born abt 1896)
Arrived May 27, 1913 Ship Kronprinz Wilhelm from Bremen
From Gologory, born Gologory
Paid by cousin Jan Loniak
Mother Anna Loniak, Gologory

Wasyl Loniak [31]
Age 42, Male Farmer Married (born abt 1881)
Arrived Oct 6, 1923, Left Antwerp, Ship Zeeland
From Josefov, Czeco-Slovakie, born Holohory Russia
Paid by brother Johann Loniak, 1114 Tekumsch Street Toledo OH
Wife Zofia in Holohory

Wesyl Loniak (Wasyl) [34]
Age 23, Male Ruthenian, Miller Single (born abt 1889)
Arrived June 27, 1912  Ship Cincinnati, Left Hamburg
From Hamburg, Germany, born Gologory
Passage paid by brother in law Alex Rinka? Probably Alex Rybka, husband of Maria Lonaik
Mother Anna Loniak, Gologory

Zofia Loniak [50] (b1891) with daughters Olga [52] (b1914) (name crossed out) and Ludwika [53] (b1918)
Going to husband Wasyl Loniak [41] 1144 N. Christiana Ave, Chicago, IL
Father Ludwik Mikolajczyk [51] in Mucharz, Poland
Arrived December 31, 1929.

Galveston, TX Immigration Database:

Aleksy Loniak [88] Arrived 3 Mar 1908, Ship Koln departed 15 Feb 1908 Bremen, Age 37, Farm Laborer, Galicia. No idea how he fits in with the other Loniaks. He is the correct age to be another son of Anna Loniak His wife is listed as Anna, and he is from Gologory.
Arriving with him are:
Wojciech Boryski 28, wife ???
Andruch Saj 25, wife Anna Say
Andrez Boryski 33, wife Boryska
All from Gologory also.

My GEDCOM files are located here: RootsWeb WorldConnect Page

I greatly appreciate any comments, questions, or other information you may have!

Last modified May 17, 2008