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Serial Port Interface for Rad Radiation Detection Software

Our Rad software is also available for purchase separate from our detectors, for $39.

You will need to build your own interface to connect the detector to your computer's serial port, or you can use the sound card interface added in Rad 3.0.0. To use the sound card interface:

  • Go to the Snd Input tab, and check Read click from sound input to enable this. From this point on, the sound input will be used, and the serial port will be ignored.
  • From the popup menu to the right, select your sound input channel. It should display all available sound inputs
  • Next the threshold needs to be set. This is the minimum required amplitude of the sound that will be treated as a valid click. It is an integer from 0 to 32768.
  • Next the delay needs to be set. This is the time period, in sound samples (the sample rate is 8 kHz) during which sound samples will be ignored. This should be set long enough that a single click is only counted once. If it is too short, you'll get multiple counts from one click. If it is too long, you'll miss clicks. You need to manually set this because there are far too many possible different sound waveforms that a click could have.

This pdf file shows one example circuit that works well with the audio output from a CDV-700 detector. It can be made to work with other detectors as well, althogh some experimentation on your part may be necessary, usually just with resistor R1 and possibly capacitor C1. The circuit works with both a true RS-232 serial port as found on a PC, as well as a USB/Serial adapter, which can be used on a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Our Rad software can be download from this link The software will work for ten minutes at a time until you enter a valid registration code, to allow you to test out your interface before purchasing the software, as well as try out the softare to make sure it meets your needs.

Please be sure to do this, as refunds on the software are not available, due to the nature of downloaded software.

Once you're happy with your setup and have verified that it works, you can purchase your copy of Rad for $39 US. Use the button below to make your payment via PayPal:

Rad Software License $39.00
Your registration code will usually be sent out within one day, often within just a few hours.

A discussion group (mailing list) for the Rad software is available, feel free to sign up and post your questions and comments there, and exchange ideas with other users.

Questions? You may contact us by email at