Promethius is a radio logbook package for the Mac. It presents the user with an electronic logbook that retains the look and feel of the traditional pen and paper logbook. The station name/call sign, date, time, frequency, mode, reception quality, and location may all be entered. The date a reception report is sent, along with the date the QSL is received, may also be entered.

Text search capabilities are also included, making it easy to quickly locate entries that match certain requirements. And portions of the logbook may be printed out.

Promethius requires a Mac with a color display (minimum resolution 640 by 480)

Promethius is Freeware, and is unsupported.

Promethius is only available for Macintosh systems. No Windows version is available.

You can download a copy of Promethius right now. (Version 1.3.2, 152K)

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