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The Apple /// was Apple's entry into the business market. First introduced in 1980, the inital Apple ///'s suffered from several problems. Most notorious was the tendency for the IC chips to work their way out of their sockets, requiring the machine to be lifted up and dropped several inches onto the disk periodically. The metal case and lack of a fan results in the inside of the computer getting quite warm, causing the PCB to warp. The clock did not function either.

Apple introduced the Apple ///+ in late 1983. The clock was fixed, video was improved, and a delete key was added. The machine's fate had been sealed by this time however, and the machine was discontinued in 1984. Apple had introduced the Apple //e earlier that same year, to shore up the Apple ][ market, which was the cash cow providing funding for the Lisa and Macintosh development. The Lisa was also a flop, but it paved the way for the Macintosh in 1984, which as we all know revolutionalized the personal computer market. The same MIS managers who were poking fun at the Mac's mouse and graphical user interface (GUI) are now proudly using Wintel machines, running essentially the same user interface. No doubt many people actually think Bill Gates invented the modern GUI. (Apple didn't either, Xerox did) Of course, they also probably think he wrote DOS. Actually, he got his start porting BASIC over from the mainframe to microprocessors, and peddling it around. Did he ever actually invent anything new?

The Apple /// sported these features:

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I've been working on Sara , an Apple /// emulator for the Macintosh. It's very preliminary right now, but you're welcome to download a copy and see what you think about it so far.

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Chris Smolinski December 20, 1997