The Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts

The ACE is *the* club for the Free Radio Enthusiast.

Please note the new address!
The Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts
P.O. Box 12112
Norfolk, VA 23541

Membership dues are as follows:
$20.00 /yr United States
$21.00 /yr Canada and Mexico
$27.00 /r Airmail Worldwide

Email Addresses of ACE columnists:

John T. Arthur Veried Response
George Zeller Clandestine Profile
Joe Filipkowski DIALOGS
Pat Murphy President and Publisher

This is the unofficial ACE page, be sure to visit the official ACE Home Page

The A*C*E is an association of individuals who find pirate, clandestine and covert communications an interesting part of their radio listening hobby. The monthly bulletin reports on pirate. clandestine, covert and unexplained broadcasts. The A*C*E as an organization does not encourage, support, or condone any illegal activity, but simply seeks to understand the nature and reasoning behind such broadcasts as a way of furthering our enjoyment of the radio listening hobby. The monthly newsletter, in excess of 20 pages, includes regular features such as:

Dialogs: The latest in pirate radio loggings. The most comprehensive source of pirate logs

Verified Response: Editorials as well as the latest pirate QSL news. The Directory is a twice yearly list of station maildrop addresses.

Covert Corner and Clandestine Profile: Includes news and editorial comments regarding clandestine and covert broadcasts

DX Clip Board: Presents a column that explores pirate stations and operators

Euro-Report: Covers pirate news from across the pond.

Free Radio Forum and Flipside: Present alternative editorial views and news of pirate radio stations.

Microcasting: Covers the growing community, low power, broadcasting efforts.

Also included are the annual Pirate Poll, Email address book for members, ads and much more.

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